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My Style

There are many different styles of photography and it is important to choose a photographer that you get along well with as a person and that has a style of imagery that you enjoy.

I would describe myself as having a creative but natural, reportage style with dabs of portraiture thrown in to spice things up! This probably requires further explanation and some examples to mean anything to those not obsessed with photography!!

Natural reportage photography

The majority of my work on a wedding day would be best described as un-posed natural reportage work, sometimes called documentary photography or photojournalism.

This style focuses on capturing the story of the day in an honest way. I will not be stopping you every ten minutes for a particular shot or asking you to strike any odd poses. I will not be asking for lots of group shots whilst looking straight at the camera or interrupting the flow of the day. I will never ask you to say cheese!

Instead I will be looking for genuine, spontaneous moments that truly depict your character and that of your family & friends, the relationships that you share and the emotions that you are feeling on one of the most important days in your life. I will capture the little glances between loved ones, the look of pride on a father’s face, the tears, the joy, the nerves, the laughter and the excitement. In short I will capture the moments that actually matter and that you will look back on years down the line and which will bring back all that you felt on the day. 

This approach will be used for the vast majority of the day including the bride/groom preparation, the ceremony, and through the reception.





Creative Eye
















Creative Eye

By applying a love of composition, an understanding of natural lighting and a keen & observant eye, along with the technical camera knowledge and professional equipment that I use, I can capture the important moments of your day in a visually creative and flattering way. I do not have a long list of go-to shots which I repeat at every wedding that I go to. I prefer instead to see what unfolds and then use my instincts to capture it creatively. Your wedding day is exactly that: yours! I am there to capture the story for you. I love to play with creative angles and composition in my images, the images you receive will be far more than your average headshots that your average guest will take. 


But what about the group shots?

I completely understand the desire for couples to have photographs of the groups of family & friends that they have chosen to include in their special day and I will capture any group shots desired quickly and efficiently with as little interruption to the day as possible. I would urge couples to consider keeping the number of group shots to a minimum, to keep the day flowing nicely.

Bride & Groom portraits

One section of the day where my style may differ slightly is during the bride & groom portraits session. I think it is a great idea for the couple to allow a short time to escape from the group to a nearby location and enjoy some downtime together to chat about the day so far and unwind a little! During this time I take a slightly different approach to my photography. I will still capture you both in a creative reportage way, letting the events unfold but I may, occasionally, give some slight direction during this break. Before you start to worry though I should emphasise the word slight! I might ask you to stop for a moment and hold hands or cuddle in front of a particularly pleasant backdrop. I might make some small changes to your posture to create a more pleasing composition. These will still be very natural poses; I won’t be posing you limb by limb like a fashion model in an outlandish pose and I won’t be asking you to hold a pose for ten minutes. For example you might be cuddling each other and I may ask the bride to place her hand slightly higher up the groom’s body or I may ask you both to lean in closer to each other. It will be small changes to tweak the composition of the image rather than a completely staged pose and I will work fast to maintain a natural flow.



Your style

In addition to capturing the people of the day I also like to capture your creativity and the effort that has gone into all of the details of the day, such as the flower arrangements, the table layouts, the dress & shoes, the matching socks/ties! In short all of the details that you spent so long creating and arranging.






















Visual Narrative

My passion is telling the visual story of the day in a creative but honest way, focusing on personality, fun, atmosphere and mood. I see every wedding as an exciting opportunity to create a new and unique visual narrative for you to enjoy. I work fast and free, and try to minimise the use of flash, preferring the look of natural light. I am always courteous and polite, and try to help in any way that I can on the day. I will aim to be as unobtrusive to the events of the day as possible and certainly won’t ‘take charge’ of the day, in fact my ideal situation would be that I am seen as just another guest.  My prices are transparent and have no hidden costs, and I am certainly not a pushy salesman.

















I would love to capture the story of your day so that you can treasure the moments forever.

Hopefully this (rather lengthy) write up tells you everything you need to know about my style, please contact me for a chat and to make your booking now.