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Pet Photography

I am a huge animal lover, have grown up in a family with dogs and horses and I absolutely love to combine this with my photography.

As you can see from my gallery, the majority of my pet photography experience is with dogs and admittedly this is my favourite animal to photograph. Dogs are such joyful creatures and this is what I aim to capture in my images.

Although I have a natural affinity with dogs in particular, I am a lover of all animals and I would be delighted to take pictures of any species, big or small, slow or fast!

How does it work?

If you book me to take photos of your pets, I will attend a location of your choice and capture your pet’s character. A typical dog shoot might go as follows:

  • I will travel to your home and meet both owner and pooch!
  • We may spend 20 minutes or so taking some pictures at your home to allow your dog some time to become accustomed to me and my camera.
  • Travel together to a favourite spot and take your dog for a walk, all the time taking photos, perhaps for an hour or more.
  • Travel back to your home to finish with some shots of the hopefully tired and happy dog.

This is just an example and is completely free to adjust to your wishes; if you want to spend the whole shoot out walking with your dogs then that would suit me just fine! Please see my packages page for prices.

It’s all about their character!

My primary aim on a full dog shoot is to capture your pet’s personality for you. This could be dogs at play, work or sleep! No two shoots are the same and I adapt to the individual needs of the photo-shoot. Does you dog love water? Tell me and I will bring my wellies (or wetsuit!) and wade in with them and capture shots of them at their best: enjoying themselves. Does your pooch love to chase a Frisbee? I’ll get shots of them leaping through the air to catch it. Long walks through muddy woods? I’m not afraid to get dirty.

I just love to get those shots that sum up your dog’s character. You won’t find any boring studio shots with a white background and an uncomfortable, pampered dog being posed. My dog photography is all about character, character, and more character!

What do you get?

With all of my packages you get all of the best photos digitally on disc for you to print or share, as you wish. These will be copyright free, high resolution and print ready, I will also include copies in a lower resolution which are perfect for web use such as emailing, facebook etc. I will not harass you to buy prints from me and will never be a pushy salesman! Prints will be available from the online gallery that I will provide on my website and I can design albums if you wish, though there is absolutely no obligation or pressure for you to do so.

Please see my packages page and contact me to make your booking.